Miserable Story of Mine

This desperate occasion happened when I was 14 years old. It was already afternoon, so I went home  after school. Then I took a ride with angkutan umum to return home. But I forgot to bring extra money so, I only could pay one angkutan umum ride to Cimahi. But I can't continue my travel with ojek for going to my residence in Tanimulya.

I felt panic in a split second, because I can't go home without any money left. So I decided to walk from Gadobangkong (the area I was dropped by the angkutan umum) to Tanimulya. It was pretty close actually, but the road has no pavement to walk and the road is full of vehicles. It was very struggling to walk on. I had to be extra careful if I didn't wanted to get hit by something (read: vehicle). The road is very polluted that day, because of the traffic jam. But I could easily got over the road (safely) since the vehicles didn't move, so I could walk between the road.

Fortunately, I got so exhausted on the way. Yes, I have got across t…

Conversation With a Stranger

In the SMA3 hall, there's an event going on for the new students. It was called PLiST. Putri and Laila was having a conversation.

Putri: "Assalamualaikum"
Laila: "Waalaikumsalam"
Putri: "I am Putri, what's your name?"
Laila: "I am Laila, where do you come from?
Putri: "I'm from Cimahi, but I've just moved to Bandung. What about you?"
Laila: "I'm from Bandung. How do you feel when you're on the first day in SMA 3?
Putri: "I felt nervous on this first day, because I haven't got any friends"
Laila: "Don't worry, I can be your friend!"
Putri: "Why did you want to be a student of SMA3?"
Laila:" It was because, my parents told me that SMA 3 is a great school."
Putri: "Yes! That was my reason to be a student in here too, I believe that I could be a better person here, and get some new experiences."
putri: "what extraculliculer are y…


 Let me tell you something about myself.
First, my name is Feodora Putri Humaira. I'm 14 years old. I'll became 15 on 30th August. I am the only child in my family, and it felt so lonely because i don't have any siblings or anybody to talk in my house besides my parents. I was born in Cimahi, but now I moved to Bandung because my high school is too far from Cimahi. Now, I'm a student in SMA 3 Bandung which is located in Jalan Belitung (this was the reason i moved to Bandung).

I lived in Tanimulya village. It's in Cimahi city, I could say, my home was pretty peaceful, because I lived in a quiet residence. But, my residence is going to be lively when there's an event going on such as Eidul Adha, Qurban, and Ramadan months. My neighbours were so friendly too, so it doesn't felt really lonely in my surroundings.

But since I have to move to Bandung, we (me and my parents) have to 'move on' from my old surroundings. I have to live in my new house, and be …